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Cliff design is contemporary design agency with a broad network, dedicated to design. We offer our clients a wide range of design services and always deliver with great passion! We are working with some of the largest brands and the smallest entrepreneurs.

A strong brand perspective is the cradle in any project. The product is the key ambassador for any brand- promise, perception and expectation. Our focus is creativity, providing the right context and the right tools for passionate and dedicated designers, maximizing our possibilities using a brand integrated concept development process.

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We are mainly active within Product-, Motorcycle, Automotive and Transportation design. We work with all aspects of design, stretching from pre-market studies through ideation to surface design, concept engineering and realization of the end product. Browse the links below or dig deeper through the rest of our site to learn more...

UX Research

Customer Journey Mapping

User Testing

Service Design

User Interfaces

Web Design

User Experience



Concept Engineering

Transportation Design

Industrial Design

Graphic Design
Graphic Design is all about comminication, to emphizise values, to clearify statements and to be consistent. At Cliff Design this can be manifested through film, illustration, artwork, stationery, brand books, web pages, photography, logotypes, icons, UX etc...

Surface Design
To balance surfaces and highlights is an artform and requires a special craftsmanship. Cliff Design has always taken pride in delivering high quality 3D-nufos. Our competence is mainly within Alias and ICEM surf. We work with everything from concept modeling to A-class surfaces.

Cliff Design´s approach to illustration is using the same process as for any other design related request. We carefully research the end-reciever and what needs to be emphazised to achive the best possible communication. We work with everything from scenarios, post-product sketches to technical drawings.

Rendering is used to explore different materials, textures, graphics and colors. It can be used to communicate ideas in a more clear way making sure all parts of an organization is on board as to where the project is heading. Furthermore it is a great way of creating pre-launch marketing material and scenarios.

Cliff Design use animation to further explain functionality, tell a story or add an extra dimension to the visualization of a product/concept/service. We mainly use this tool as part of a development process showing user scenarios of products or UX scenarios.

To communicate an idea or a concept, the context is of great importance. Using characters, environments, scenarios and assumed delimitations, a product/concept is more tangeble for an audience. When e.g. pitching an idea or anchoring a design vision within an organization, a clear story boosts the credability.

Creative Boost
Every design quest starts with ideation. At Cliff Design we always start of with gathering as many competences as possible to explore a given task. Using workshops, we aim to get the widest possible range of ideas.

Polygon Modeling
Polygon modeling is a quick and diverse way to explore shape and design, making the process efficient and straight forward. It is a powerfull method to visualize and to set an early design vision without getting locked up in advanced surface CAD data. It is also used for animation, texturing, rigging and visualization.

Design Strategy
Design strategy is to mind the future of a brand and/or a product/service range, making sure the communication is prioritized based on business, economy, impact and sustainability.

Product Design
Product design is one of our core offers. It icludes everything from sketches to design NUFO:s and concept engineering.



To be on top of things, we seek to be challenged. We crave to explore unknown territory. To try new things and look into unconventional solutions. Garage is the forum that lets us do all of the above.

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We are always on the look out for dedicated designers and other creative souls, to expand the Cliff design network. Our ambition is to find the right match between competence and the needs of our clients, now or in the future - Join us!

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