For more than three decades Cliff Design has been collaborating with product design- and marketing departments of some of the largest brands and the smallest entrepreneurs world wide.
Every project has had its own unique setup of tools and people.

We engage the best possible designers to meet the requirements of our clients, and take pride in the quality of what we deliver.



Meet the people behind the screens:
Our team is our core offer. A creative and skilled bunch of clever and open-minded people, always ready for new challenges!

A diverse team is fundamental in order to understand our culture and to maximize the number of takes on a design challenge. Therefore, our team is a mash of creative masterminds. All with different backgrounds, nationalities, interests and experiences.

Anders Nordlund


Martin Lundquist

Business Manager / Brand Strategist

Dejan Tomic

Senior Designer

Frederik Åsell

Designer MFA

Johan Gustafsson

SR Surface Designer

Mats Sjögren

Designer MFA

Oskar Guth

Designer MFA

Per Eldh

SR Surface Designer

Alexander Åsemyr

Designer BFA

Angelica Kühn

Surface Designer

Camille Audra

CMF Designer

Christian Carlsson

Interaction Designer

Clément Alliot

Interior Designer

Daniel Karlsson

Senior Surface designer

Eliott Opdenbosch

UX Designer

Fredrik Bolinder

Designer BFA

Katharina Sachs

Automotive Designer

Kevin Andersson

Automotive Designer MFA

Krystofer Bylander

Designer MFA

Lingxi Yuan

Designer MFA & UX Designer

Maria Bengtlars

Designer MFA

Mårten Bärring

Surface Designer

Sergiu Levinta

Interaction Designer

Tina Peterson


Uroš Petrevski

UX Designer

Åsa Lindau


Magnus Boldyn

Member of the Board

Mattias Carlsson

Chairman of the Board

Patrik Sjöstrand



Our offer is quite simple:
It is the sum of all our experience and the collaborations we have engaged in to bring fantastic products and brand experiences to the market.

We have worked with some of the most interesting Product- and Automotive companies since 1988 and have teamed up with fantastic people from different disciplines, design departments and client offices along the way. We have worked with all kinds of projects, including the various phases from brand & concept design to fully industrialized products.
Regardless of the project scoop we have the right people, tools and mindset ready to engage.


The Cliff Design philosophy is to nourish from every relation, project or challenge, building a knowledge based culture where every connection and new experience is included in our design offer – our process will therefore constantly change, evolve and improve.

For us it is imperative to stay on our toes and adopt to new methods, technology and trends!


Cliff Design has worked with a wide range of clients.

Different fields and diciplines allows us to develop new knowledge and to broaden our minds. We thrive where the processes of Automotive industry and the holistic and diverse nature of product development interacts.