The foundation of our work is built on Industrial Design. For us, this means balancing form/function with brand/experience. Whether it is a product or a service, we provide the embodiment of the brand. We like to see Industrial Design as the ultimate tool to put the "brand in action".



To be on top of things, we seek to be challenged. We crave to explore unknown territory. To try new things and look into unconventional solutions. Garage is the forum that lets us do all of the above.

Enter the Garage

OEM Clients

Understanding of our larger OEM clients is the base of our success. Our mission is to be a catalyser for fantastic projects, weather it is by supplying the right people or by satellite commitments. Either way, our focus is on quality and efficiency,
as we know these are the long term requirements of large companies.

Project based

We believe that a holistic approach combined with brand awareness is the key to a successful design process.
All projects starts with careful research and the definition of a vision/end goal. At Cliff Design we refer to this as a Design Platform. A document where all project stakeholders agrees on where the project should take us...
In order to create a purposeful design, the framework is imperative. Once this is in place, we can use our experience and tools to create an efficient and creative process forward!


Cliff Design is all set to be an incubator for innovation, helping great ideas to evolve and to find their way to the market. Our mission is to identify the essence of any innovation and amplify it in order to create business upsides. The dedication and visions we meet inspires us.
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