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In any project, the user, along with a strong brand perspective, serves as the cradle. The product acts as the key ambassador for the brand, embodying its promise, perception, and expectations.



We don't distinguish between "the body" and "the soul"; instead, we provide an overall strategy supported by critical thinking for all products and services that we provide.

Cliff Design creates complete product experiences that have significance by combining industrial and digital design in an innovative way. Our primary objective is creating a balance between human needs and the usage of technology.

Products with good design put the demands of the user first, improve usability and functionality, create emotional connections and provide genuine value.

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Our UI/UX design services bridge today's digital experiences with tomorrow's innovations. We start with research to understand your business's values and challenges, ensuring data-driven and user-centric solutions. From concept to execution, we offer modern, intuitive, and responsive UX designs.

We see design as a system, translating complexity into comprehensive libraries and component-based views. Prototyping and motion design allow for early testing and iteration. By adding an emotional layer, we create user-friendly interfaces that attract and retain customers, enhancing satisfaction and driving conversions in digital, touch, AR, and VR environments.

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DESIGN Strategy

Design is not only as a key part of product development but also as a powerful tool for exploring and shaping strategic plans. We understand that the connection between ideation and implementation is essential in the design process, serving as a bridge between theory and reality.

While data is vital for informed decision-making, the ability to visualise, test, and validate those decisions is equally crucial. Our process fills this gap, providing required input that ensures balanced and effective strategic work, thus positioning us as enablers for the strategic decision-making process.

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Research is essential to unlocking a design's full potential. It aids to reduce biases and assumptions during critical decisions, and better aligns user's needs with business goals. Including research early on and throughout the process leads to fewer revisions and iterations, as the work confidently will be driven by user’s insights and actionable data. Through empathy and compassion we are able to understand the audience’s pain points and desires. The result: products and services which resonates deeply, evoke powerful emotions and are prepared to cultivate long-lasting connections.

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Brand Identity

At the core of every successful brand lies its identity—a unique blend of visuals, values, and understanding of a product's purpose and audience.

We specialise in refining your essence into compelling visual narratives and craft every brand element with precision and purpose.

In today's landscape, where your brand communication is more important than ever, our collaborative approach ensures that your brand identity not only reflects who you are but also resonates deeply with your audience.

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OEM & On-site ConsultantS

We provide our clients access to a team of highly skilled and dedicated specialists across various disciplines including product design, UX/UI, CMF, graphic design, surface design, and automotive design.

By understanding the industry's demands, we ensure our clients receive top-tier resources, whether through satellite commitments or on-site placements. Our commitment to efficiency and quality stems from recognizing these as consistent necessities.

Studio based

Looking for guidance or have inquiries? Look no further than our design studio.

We boast an exceptional team of talented and committed designers, both in-house and within our extensive network of professionals. With expertise in diverse design disciplines including product design, user experience, design strategy, brand identity, and beyond, our meticulously tailored services span the entire design spectrum, from conceptualization to final execution.

Together, we bring your visions to life using modular design principles, ensuring efficiency, flexibility, and scalability every step of the way.



Cliff Design is all set to be an incubator for innovation, helping great ideas to evolve and to find their way to the market. Our mission is to identify the essence of any innovation and amplify it in order to create business upsides. The dedication and visions we meet inspires us.