Cliff design is a contemporary design agency with a broad network, dedicated to design. We offer our clients a wide range of design services and always deliver with great passion.

A strong brand perspective is the cradle in any project. The product is the key ambassador for any brand- promise, perception and expectation.


OEM Clients

OEM & On-site Consultants

Understanding of our larger OEM clients is the base of our success. Our mission is to be a catalyser for fantastic projects, whether it is by supplying the right people or by satellite commitments. Either way, our focus is on quality and efficiency,
as we know these are the long term requirements of large companies.

We offer our clients Product- , Graphic- , UX/UI- , CMF- , Surface- and Automotive Design specialists...

Project based


For our in-house commitments, Cliff Design administrates full briefs and projects. The work is team based and we take a holistic approach to the requests given. We put together the competence needed and approach every scoop with equal enthusiasm and creativity! The vast diversity in projects provides us with cultural growth, and for every project we gain experience that is included in our total offer!

All projects start with careful research and the definition of a vision/end goal. At Cliff Design we refer to this as a Design Platform. A document where all project stakeholders agree on where the project should take us...

In order to create a purposeful design, the framework is imperative. Once this is in place, we can use our experience and tools to create an efficient and creative process forward!


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