Ergo Controller

In the field of water demolition robotics, we developed an adaptable solution for manoeuvring through restricted spaces, creating compact designs to ensure accuracy and effectiveness in confined environments.
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Aquajet specializes in cutting-edge hydrodemolition and is renowned for their innovative, user-focused solutions. Their latest market contribution is the Ergo Controller!


Initially, the project involved experimenting with various components by Cliff Design and Aquajet to determine the product's proportions and ergonomic features. The primary goal was to ensure the robot's suitability for use in confined spaces and to optimize its performance both during operation and when being transported, whether in a car or a small lorry.

After deciding on the sack truck principle, Aquajet built a fully functional prototype. This prototype underwent evaluation and discussion before advancing to the final CAD phase. During this phase, polygon sketch modeling was used to facilitate faster communication between designers and engineers.


The project culminated in a product encased within a tubular frame that serves both as a maneuvering and carrying handle and as a support frame when the product is laid down for transport in a car.The product development focused on an easy-reach concept, ensuring smooth access to the control unit and easy attachment of hydraulics and other components. The final product was launched on April 1st and has been well received by the market!