Cliff Models

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We are thrilled to present our web design project for a very special client, Cliff Models!
UX Research ✦
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Long Collaboration

Cliff Design and Cliff Models have a shared history, but have been independent of each other since 2009. With a good understanding of the industry and the context, our UX team has targeted strengthening the Cliff Models brand by building on the graphic identity and adding that little extra!

Structure & layout

Our logic component involved analyzing Cliff Models' competitors, while simultaneously focusing on crafting a user-friendly interface with a minimalist design approach. This approach ensured a seamless experience for users, fostering engagement and satisfaction.


Work on the visual part encompassed inheriting an already existing style from the previous site, with notable updates in typography, colour scheme, and iconography.


Our colour strategy aimed to bridge the gap between Cliff Models' environment and its cutting-edge technological adoption, providing a distinctive look and feel to the website.

WEB 3d

A standout feature of the website is the 3D experience which connects to the Cliff Models day-to-day projects and brand core. 3D polygon modelling and implementation through different web tools allowed us to push the user experience a little further for added value, an approach right up our alley!

Responsive design

The work is of course implemented on a structure that allows for a responsive layout to provide a seamless experience across mobile and desktop platforms.

As a final point

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