Measuring of the human vital signs!

Conceptualising technology for contactless measurement of vital signs such as pulse, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and body temperature into user-friendly products.
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With an ongoing pandemic and an overwhelmed healthcare system, the need for technology like Detectivio's was clear. The ability to collect all vital health data in just a minute would save time and also reduces health workers' risk of contagion by eliminating the need for physical contact.


The task was to develop tangible concepts for various contexts and applications. To achieve this, Cliff Design conducted a series of workshops to define a clear scope and conceptualize different user scenarios.The focus was on generating a wide range of ideas to demonstrate the technology's potential across different industries. The exploration centered on applying Detectivio's technology in scenarios such as field hospitals, adventure equipment, and home medical devices.

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The technology consists of advanced sensors, digital signal processing, machine learning and artificial neural networks. The data is collected using infrared light, light and two sets of highly specialised cameras.

The procedure is simple. The person being measured sits or stands a meter in front of the device being monitored 1-2 minutes. The output data is then presented on an integrated screen or on an external device.

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Measuring of the human vital signs
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