Brand Identity

Reshaping Klimators's brand identity through the development of a brand platform and integrating the finalized outcomes onto a website. This involved updating logos, colour schemes, typography, and imagery for consistency across all touch points.
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Graphic Design ✦
Storytelling ✦
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Klimator is a software company that provides precise and reliable road weather information. The company has spent 30 years of research challenging conventions, tuning the interpretation of weather data, innovating the road weather industry and creating value for its customers!


While working with Klimator, Cliff Design put a lot of emphasis on interviews, market definitions, positioning, field trips, competitor mapping, sales strategy and channels of communication. Using our different matrice models in a cross disciplinary process, proved to be a learning experience for both Cliff Design and Klimator.

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When the brand platform was established, the implementation started with Klimator's online presentation. The work included a fully updated graphical design language - including layout, fonts, logo, colors, image language and tonality.