Burglar Alarm Sound Unit

A burglar alarm designed to seamlessly integrate into modern office and public spaces. This request stems from the growing focus on interior design and the current shortage of aesthetically pleasing options for technical installations such as sirens.
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The productis customizable, and the general thought is that the user would rather expose the alarm instead of hiding it for aesthetic reasons, allowing it to perform better. The Alarm is modular in terms of installation where the power chord can be routed both from the top and the bottom. Furthermore, the shape and functionality are independent to whether it´s installed vertically or horizontally.


A clear vision was created based on detailed user studies, market research, and brand alignment. Several ideas were explored to find the best solutions, making it easier to select the best ideas. The chosen ideas underwent refinement before proceeding to the stage of prototyping and meticulous testing. This process focused on putting the users first, challenging the market, and keeping the brand consistent.

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The process ended in a concept where the internal structure of the product was optimized and where the front is covered, as opposed to using a grill/perforated cover. Instead of the sound exiting through the front, the speaker is directed backwards letting the sound resonance using the wall behind.