Catching Lightning With A Drone

We provided comprehensive support to the production agency Leftfield Entertainment in pitching a broadcast series idea to the National Geographic Network.
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From a scientific point of view, many questions about thunderstorms and lightning are still unanswered and much information is still to be gathered.

Cliff Design teamed up with adventurer, explorer and filmmaker Sam Cossman to define a research concept using unconventional methods and modern technology to learn more about one of nature’s largest forces.


By exploring ideas, creating scenarios and developing concepts, we defined a communication platform for all the competences needed in order to take the next step towards realization and seeking investors. To be continued…


Our collaboration with Leftfield Entertainment culminated in a unique and engaging approach: storytelling through sketches. This innovative method allowed us to vividly illustrate the series concept, capturing the essence of the narrative and bringing the pitch to life.The sketches provided a dynamic visual representation that complemented the detailed storyline, making the proposal more captivating and easier to envision.

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