The Classic Glacier Bay Parka

From our studio in Göteborg, we provided comprehensive support by handling high-quality photography, filming, and post-production for web and marketing purposes.
Design Strategy ✦
Graphic Design ✦
Storytelling ✦


Communicating the evolution of one of their most classic jackets, showcasing a decade of meticulous refinement and continuous improvment. This jacket, designed to handle the harshest conditions, reflects the company's commitment to quality and innovation.

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Giving Shape to design


Our design journey started with exploring innovative ideas to discover ways of communicating the innovation and improvements down to the smallest detail of a jacket. This journey included creating storyboards, developing animatics, and progressing to final filming and processing.


Our expertise ensured high-quality visuals and seamless editing, enhancing their brand’s storytelling and visual impact. Through our collaboration, we helped bring their vision to life, showcasing their products..