New cycling companion

By addressing cyclists' functional needs, we elevate the biking experience. An intuitive, responsive interface ensures the device performs well and enhances the rider's journey, making the bike computer an indispensable companion for those committed to quality and excellence in every ride.
Product Design ✦
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The bike market has a wide range of products to accommodate different needs, but in one area the execution has not caught up with the rest of the equipment available.
The current market for bike computers communicates a different story and when paired with seasonal updates on all the necessary equipment, they holistic image and the expectedquality is lost.


While working with Klimator, Cliff Design put a lot of emphasis on interviews, market definitions, positioning, field trips, competitor mapping, sales strategy and channels of communication. Using our different matrice models in a cross disciplinary process, proved to be a learning experience for both Cliff Design and Klimator.

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