The collaboration between Maurten and Cliff Design was founded on a shared belief in the importance of integrating brand communication with the process of industrial design. This stems from the need to enhance Maurten's in-store communication, placing emphasis on the product, especially in an environment where the surrounding context can be chaotic and demands clarity and presence.



The directive was to design a simple, modular product/display suitable for both small businesses and larger stores that cater to running, cycling, and triathlon enthusiasts.

The project kicked off with on-site research, including interviews with stores and resellers worldwide. This research culminated in a document detailing store perceptions of Maurten as a brand, spatial constraints, limitations, opportunities, and reseller engagement. The primary challenge was to devise a solution that was straightforward enough for stores to set up, yet would frame Maurten as a high-value brand.

The result is a self-supporting box made exclusively from recycled material (Soundfelt REC®). At its core, the box is simple. However, its design and modularity afford Maurten diverse communication avenues, ranging from a basic display shelf to intricate installations, screens, and large setups.

The boxes are shipped to stores in flat-packed form. They are sturdy, lightweight, and designed for repeated use. Being made from recycled materials means Maurten can offer their resellers in-store solutions that minimize environmental impact—fully aligned with Maurten's sustainability protocols.

Maurten is a sports fuel brand that caters to endurance athletes. They employ hydrogel technology to formulate carbohydrate fuels that are easily tolerated by the human body and are derived from natural ingredients.For more information, visit:

Creative Boost
Every design quest starts with ideation. At Cliff Design we always start of with gathering as many competences as possible to explore a given task. Using workshops, we aim to get the widest possible range of ideas.

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Design strategy is to mind the future of a brand and/or a product/service range, making sure the communication is prioritized based on business, economy, impact and sustainability.

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Product design is one of our core offers. It icludes everything from sketches to design NUFO:s and concept engineering.

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Graphic Design is all about comminication, to emphizise values, to clearify statements and to be consistent. At Cliff Design this can be manifested through film, illustration, artwork, stationery, brand books, web pages, photography, logotypes, icons, UX etc...

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