Imagine a technology for contact-less measuring of the human vital signs: Pulse, Respiratory rate, Blood Oxygen level, Blood Pressure, and Body temperature! This is what our friends at Detectivio is pursuing and what we at Cliff Design are assisting in conceptualizing into user friendly products.



With an ongoing pandemic and an overwhelmed healthcare system, the need of technology such as Detetctivio is apparent! The possibility to gather all vital health data in just a minute doesn’t only save time. The fact that it can be done without contact, prevents health workers from unnecessary risk of contagion.

The technology consists of advanced sensors, digital signal processing, machine learning and artificial neural networks. The data is collected using infrared light, light and two setsof highly specialized cameras.

The procedure is simple. The person being measured sits or stands a meter in front of the device being monitored 1-2 minutes. The output data is then presented on an integrated screen or on an external device.


The request was to create tangible concepts considering different contexts and applications. For this Cliff Design conducted a series of workshops in order to define a clear scope aiming to conceptualize different user scenarios.

The work focused on creating a wide range of ideas showing the potential of the technology implemented within different industries.

It was decided to explore Detectivios offer based on the scenario of a field hospital, adventure equipment and home medical equipment.

For more infor: Please vitit and follow their journey!

Creative Boost
Every design quest starts with ideation. At Cliff Design we always start of with gathering as many competences as possible to explore a given task. Using workshops, we aim to get the widest possible range of ideas.

Industrial Design

To communicate an idea or a concept, the context is of great importance. Using characters, environments, scenarios and assumed delimitations, a product/concept is more tangeble for an audience. When e.g. pitching an idea or anchoring a design vision within an organization, a clear story boosts the credability.


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