The market for electric bikes is growing rapidly. The Lithuanian brand Neematic picked up on this trend and created a high performance mix of an enduro bicycle and an electric bike. Cliff Design was invited to collaborate in defining their next product!



Neematic contacted Cliff Design for ideas on what their next bike would look like.

The project was based on Neematics existing bicycle/motorbike/enduro cross-over where Cliff Design was requested to ideate and on a commuting bike that had a clear relation to the Neematic brand and its off-road flavor.

The project was executed through a series of smaller workshops where the result served as a base for a first concept. The final result ended with renders for communication purposes only.

Since mid 2019 Neematic is a part of UBCO bikes in New Zealand. Please visit them for more info on their existing and future product offer!

Creative Boost
Every design quest starts with ideation. At Cliff Design we always start of with gathering as many competences as possible to explore a given task. Using workshops, we aim to get the widest possible range of ideas.

Product Design
Product design is one of our core offers. It icludes everything from sketches to design NUFO:s and concept engineering.


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