Sail Racing

Sail Racing is a Swedish high-end sail clothing brand. They are known for being in the front end of new technology and maritime fashion.



When contracting Cliff Design, Sail Racing asked for help with the launch of their new race bag collection.

The request was to create animations and footage showing the different bags and to communicate the technical aspects of the products. With a dark theme and carefully applied studio light Cliff Design ended up creating a collection of animations and 3d renders showing both the technical- and philosophical aspects of the bag collection.

Please visit Sail Racing for more info and to check out the bag collection and the rest of their great products:

Cliff Design use animation to further explain functionality, tell a story or add an extra dimension to the visualization of a product/concept/service. We mainly use this tool as part of a development process showing user scenarios of products or UX scenarios.

Design Strategy
Design strategy is to mind the future of a brand and/or a product/service range, making sure the communication is prioritized based on business, economy, impact and sustainability.

Polygon Modeling
Polygon modeling is a quick and diverse way to explore shape and design, making the process efficient and straight forward. It is a powerfull method to visualize and to set an early design vision without getting locked up in advanced surface CAD data. It is also used for animation, texturing, rigging and visualization.

Rendering is used to explore different materials, textures, graphics and colors. It can be used to communicate ideas in a more clear way making sure all parts of an organization is on board as to where the project is heading. Furthermore it is a great way of creating pre-launch marketing material and scenarios.


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