Atlas Copco

Small Tools & Large Mining Machines

Apart from their own products, Atlas Copco is the owner of several world known brands such as Chicago Pneumatics, Dynapac and Compressor Techniques.

Product Design ✦
Product design is one of our core offers. It icludes everything from sketches to design NUFO:s and concept engineering.

Design Strategy ✦
Design strategy is to mind the future of a brand and/or a product/service range, making sure the communication is prioritized based on business, economy, impact and sustainability.

Surface Design ✦
To balance surfaces and highlights is an artform and requires a special craftsmanship. Cliff Design has always taken pride in delivering high quality 3D-nufos. Our competence is mainly within Alias and ICEM surf. We work with everything from concept modeling to A-class surfaces.

Creative Boost ✦
Every design quest starts with ideation. At Cliff Design we always start of with gathering as many competences as possible to explore a given task. Using workshops, we aim to get the widest possible range of ideas.

The product portfolio ranges from small hand held tools to large mining machines.

Cliff design has supported the Atlas Copco design team with satelite set-ups and on-site designers for the past decade. We are happy to take part in Atlas Copcos diverse design challanges and beeing a part of their great work.


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