LX Concept

Cargo Handling

A known (undisclosed) brand contracted Cliff design to work strategically with cargo handling. The project both concerned new technical ideas as well as future expressions and design themes.

Creative Boost ✦
Every design quest starts with ideation. At Cliff Design we always start of with gathering as many competences as possible to explore a given task. Using workshops, we aim to get the widest possible range of ideas.

Graphic Design ✦
Graphic Design is all about comminication, to emphizise values, to clearify statements and to be consistent. At Cliff Design this can be manifested through film, illustration, artwork, stationery, brand books, web pages, photography, logotypes, icons, UX etc...

Storytelling ✦
To communicate an idea or a concept, the context is of great importance. Using characters, environments, scenarios and assumed delimitations, a product/concept is more tangeble for an audience. When e.g. pitching an idea or anchoring a design vision within an organization, a clear story boosts the credability.

Cliff design focused on communicating strategic conclusions through visual presentations that where summarized in platform for upcoming product development.

Due to secrecy Cliff Design cannot present a final concept or reveal the client.


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Martin Lundquist

Business Manager
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