Cliff Models
Web Design


We are thrilled to present our web design project for a very special client Cliff Models! DNA of Cliff Models and Cliff Design do have tangents and common history.

Our team worked tirelessly to create a website that not only meets our client's needs but exceeds their expectations. From the initial planning phase to the final product, every detail was carefully considered and executed with precision. Our focus was on creating a user-friendly experience, combined with visually appealing design as well as 3D experience.

We are proud to showcase this project on our website!


Our approach on color choices was guided by strategy on connecting CliffModels environment and field they activate in to the look and fill of the Website.

UI kit

To create the site, in the beginning, detailed work on wireframing was done. Only then are prototypes and the page design itself. And by the way - we love to work on iconography and typography!

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Responsive design

Well thought structure and responsive layout that provide a seamless experience on Phone and desktop

Creativity for a world in transformation


Cliff design is contemporary design agency with a broad network, dedicated to design. We offer our clients a wide range of design services and always deliver with great passion! We are working with some of the largest brands and the smallest entrepreneurs.

A strong brand perspective is the cradle in any project. The product is the key ambassador for any brand- promise, perception and expectation. Our focus is creativity, providing the right context and the right tools for passionate and dedicated designers, maximizing our possibilities using a brand integrated concept development process.


We are always on the look out for dedicated designers and other creative souls, to expand the Cliff design network. Our ambition is to find the right match between competence and the needs of our clients, now or in the future - Join us!

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